IoT Forum

“The Internet of Things without borders” is the motto of the Internet of Things International Forum. No borders for research, collaboration and our joint vision, a united Internet of Things fostering business, societal development, knowledge, innovation and growth.
The IoT International Forum is a one-stop shop for actors to come together from both the global IoT community and from domains which could benefit from IoT.
The exchange of ideas and viewpoints will identify strategic directions for IoT, the related markets and business opportunities, societal impacts and benefits, and the legal and regulatory framework to enable this in a responsible manner.
By fostering a culture of discussion and collaboration, the IoT International Forum will aim at producing outputs representing the views of its members and participants which will influence standards and regulatory bodies, funding bodies, and the wider IoT related domains, as well as informing and educating its own members.
The IoT Forum is a not for profit organisation, open to all actors. The IoT Forum is a partial result of the FP7 IoT-i project.
Founding organisations:
Alexandra Instituttet A/S, ARC Research Network on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, Copenhagen Business School, Dunavnet D.O.O., Easy Global Market SAS, ESP Central Limited, Grundfos, Hildebrand Technology Limited, ICT Technology Network Institute, iHomeLab – Hochschule Luzern T&A, Institute for Information Industry, Mandat International, Nabto and University of Surrey.
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