Invitation to take part in an online questionnaire on IoT clusters

The EU is investigating how it can best support the deployment of IoT solutions, enhancing their acceptability and adoption by end-users and citizens and foster new market opportunities for EU suppliers. Key to the definition of the policy support is a good understanding of the ecosystem driving IoT innovation, in particular considering innovative clusters and start-ups working on new products and/or new services.
For this purpose, the European Commission aims at establishing a solid EU-wide information base to provide a clear understanding of the dynamics (factors of emergences, key drivers, common characteristics) that have led to the creation of the existing IoT innovation clusters in the European Union and details about their operations and performance.
The online questionnaire on IoT clusters constitutes one of the core instruments to collect data, and is sent to key IoT stakeholders in the European Union. Your input into this survey will be essential for enhancing the EU action to support IoT clusters and to determine the necessary policy measures.

If you want to take part, please mail Angelika Sauer to receive a personalized link.

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