Internet of Things Week in Rotterdam!


Martin Pot and Peter van Waart have put together an amazingly powerful and productive program that will have direct educational implications as they are developing the program in the heart of educational practice.
The intro:
The European Union has considered IoT as an important topic in their policy, expecting improvement of economic growth and social wellbeing. Several cities around the world have explored the possibilities of pervasive technologies and open data to improve city living empower their citizens . However, the basic question whether IoT is a technology or an concept remains.
This is the point of departure for several days on which we intend to present a variety of discussions, projects, presentations and lectures; all with the IoT as leading concept, but with a positive, yet critical attitude towards its goals and implementation. After all; to which question was/is the IoT an answer at first? The most elementary description of the IoT is that it connects the physical world to the virtual/digital world. More articulated descriptions exist, but they vary in detail, not in their essence. Nevertheless: by connecting both worlds we have facilitated a possible way of communication; next – or better first - we need to determine why, when and for whom. .
The IoT is not only a business case and/or a technological development. This is about a concept which involves us all; it will have a significant influence on our daily life. It concerns us as humans in an increasingly hybrid world. It is up to us how to deal with it.
Parallel to the IoT other developments are raised and belong to its periphery: Open Data, Augmented Reality, 3-d printing etc. All of these can be seen as threats or chances; it is up to us to determine how we take control and create new ways of life and work, with additional values.

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