The Internet of Things in the spotlight - JTC1 forms two new Special Working Groups

Source: "JTC 1 established the Special Working Group on the Internet of Things in response to the growing importance of IoT to the wider ICT sector. The SWG has the task of identifying IoT-related market requirements and standardization gaps, to encourage other JTC 1 Work Groups and subcommittees to address gaps in IoT standardization, and to promote IoT standards developed by JTC1...

"The new SWG on management will examine and make recommendations to improve the organizational effectiveness of JTC 1. This SWG will review JTC 1’s structure on a regular basis, and provide advice on management and operational efficiency. The SWG will also look at conflicts related to overlaps between JTC 1’s various projects and activities, and will work with the chairs of JTC 1 subgroups to address any issues.
The resolutions creating the SWGs were passed unanimously at JTC 1’s 27th plenary meeting, held November 5-10, 2012, on Jeju Island in South Korea.
IoT concerns the use of data capture and communications technology to inform an international network connecting physical objects with their digital equivalents. For example, it allows devices like Internet-linked thermometers to automatically provide data to associated websites and digital networks.
The Internet of Things in the spotlight - JTC1 forms two new Special Working Groups
The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the world’s leading standards body in electrotechnology, and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), through the JTC (Joint Technical Committee)1: Information Technology, have announced the creation of two new SWGs (Special Working Groups) on Management and IoT (Internet of Things)."

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