Internet of Things: "flashing the living room lights in synchronization with an explosion in a video game"?

R. Colin Johnson in EE Times: The intangible assets of the Internet of Things: Seamless experience
: 'The common theme in consumer applications will be control, monitoring and diagnosis, according to Mark Hung, research director for wireless at Gartner Inc. (Stamford, Conn.). Developers will look to create a seamless user experience, “such as flashing the living room lights in synchronization with an explosion in a video game,” said Hung; users will come to expect such capabilities “as much as they [now] expect the audio in a game to be synchronized with the video.”

If you want to experience the range of possibilities for the IoT-connected home, book a stay at the Aria Resort and Casino the next time you’re in Las Vegas. More than 80,000 devices are on the hotel’s ZigBee network. Each of the facility’s 4,500 rooms sports more than a dozen IoT edge devices. Smart devices including the door lock, lighting, window shades, thermostat, TV, clock radio and remote control are integrated into “scenes” that can be user-defined with a bedside display. Guests can define a scene by setting the various smart-device parameters to change depending on the time of day, the chosen activity or even their own mood.

“The future is not going to be like ‘The Jetsons,’ ” said Bob LeFort, CEO of Boston-based ZigBee chip provider Ember Corp., who helped define the Aria Resort and Casino’s ZigBee network. “Rather, the Internet of Things will use a set-and-forget model that makes people more efficient, makes their lives safer and just generally makes everything more convenient.”

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