The "Internet of Things Brazilian Association - ABINC"

7/04/2016 - 16:59

The "Internet of Things Brazilian Association - ABINC" is a not-for-profit organization, whose main objectives include promoting the domestic and foreign exchange of technical and managerial knowledge, developing commercial and R&D activities with partners and associates, furthering its associates and its own interests and goals, and becoming the recognized market representative for various vendors, researches and makers working with Internet of Things solutions (IoT / M2M) in Brazil. As such, ABINC will work alongside Brazilian government authorities in order to define and support sustainable policy that will create jobs and further the development of technology and new opportunities for domestic as well as international operations.

Founded in October 2015, it all started as an initiative from its president and chief marketing, legal and public relations officers (all co-founders), who recognized the need to create a legal entity that could legally contain the administration of initiatives pertaining all aspects and segments of an organization in a developing niche that is today generally known as "Internet of Things", but that can also be defined as an amalgamate of specialty sectors. The whole market is, in many aspects, in a shakeout mode - where all players in all niches still need to define which are the most applicable technologies. As a NFPO, ABINC hopes to be ideally suited for obtaining legitimate access to academic as well as technical research organizations, and also partner with companies that lead the way on the tactical path for protocol and standard implementation, generating value to markets worldwide.

Being of an “agnostic” approach, we hope to become the main interface for networking with companies and organizations that are leading the IoT field, in areas such as things (sensors and actuators), connectivity, data collection and analytics, aiming for sustainable market development that benefits everyone equally.