Internet of Things: Bill of Rights

London, UK, June 16 and 17: Open IoT Assembly: "In 2011 Pachube published this attempt at a Bill of Rights for the Internet of Things. Data ownership will continue to be one of the defining issues of this decade. As the Internet of Things matures, clear lines will be drawn as companies bring products and services to market.

Business models will be built on one of two philosophies:



  •     •    Controlling a customer’s access to their data and limiting its use to a single service. Profiting through vendor lock-in and switching costs/hassle.
  •     •    Maximizing the value that is built on top of data and constantly innovating. Building a product that customers choose based on its own merits.

The first of these models is far easier and cheaper to build and implement than the other. It also achieves greater immediate gains than the other. But that model also infringes on what we perceive to be basic consumer rights:

1. People own the data they (or their “things”) create.

2. People own the data someone else creates about them.

3. People have the right to access data gathered from public space.

4. People have the right to access their data in full resolution in real-time.

5. People have the right to access their data in a standard format.

6. People have the right to delete or backup their data.

7. People have the right to use and share their data however they want.

8. People have the right to keep their data private.

They have proposed this initial set of rights and want to take it a step further. At the Open Internet Of Things Assembly they plan to create a Bill Of Rights document that hoping it will become an industry standard. During the event, you will be able to participate in various workshops that will debate each of these statements to help refine the ongoing online conversation starting March 1st 2012."

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This is only the beginning, in the end it will be up to all of us to make this a reality.

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