Iñigo Garcia

Iñigo is an electronics and automation engineer with a great interest in Iot, Blockchain, Domotics and Power electronics. Iñigo studied in the University “Universidad Pontificia de Comillas” in the technical school “ICAI”.
While studying, Iñigo has developed some projects like a model for IBM to show the way they understand the Smart Cities, also a design of a solar powered bus and a tool for analyzing the knapsack cipher algorithm as final degree project.
Iñigo has worked in different fields of the market, in companies like Siemens, Arteche and Grant Thornton. In these jobs, Iñigo has developed tasks like Circuit Design, Sales, Hardware Testing, Product development, Fabrication design or Blockchain development.
In his spare time, iñigo likes to design circuits for robotics, domotics, and security, using Raspberry PI, Arduino, own hardware, LabView, Python,...
The way Iñigo understand the society and the technology and how they interact is different and set the form of how he works.