Human Tech First: Report: Beyond the Hype of ID4D, Identity for Development

15/01/2020 - 09:33

Beyond the Hype of ID4D is a literature review of national digital identity systems that has a unique focus on human rights, privacy and other detrimental impacts on society. Our focus on putting humanness first, before technology, we have serious concerns about the impact of large scale centralized national digital identity systems. We do not share the techno-optimism of many of the proponents of these systems.

We learned about this literature review in 2019 while Kaliya was in a New America India- US Public Interest Technology Fellowship. There was a global community working on technology policy research for the public good. The report was originally commissioned from the Ranking Digital Rights [RDR] project at New America by the Omidyar Network. It is important to note that this work produced by RDR reflects their conclusions and perspectives and does not in any way represent or describe the funder’s positions on Digital ID or related issues.