Hridkamal Roy: How did the world meet the Internet of Things

19/05/2019 - 17:10

It was as early as 1982 when the idea to establish a network of smart devices was first discussed. Only to compliment that, Carnegie Mellon University’s Coke Vending Machine became the first appliance connected to internet. The function of the network established was to inform the inventory if the drinks inside were cold or hot. Continuing with the glory of innovation, academic platforms like PerCom and UbiComp were outlined with the vision of IoT as early as 1994.But earlier in 1991, the Ubiquitous Computing paper by Mark Weiser carried similar ideas and was named “Computer of the 21st Century. IEEE Spectrum was the ideological construct that was proposed by Reza Raji in the year of 1994. Essential but little packets of data will be received by comparatively larger set of nodes which will in turn automate as well as integrate each and every thing starting from appliances used at home to establishment of internet connectivity in bigger factories and organisations.