Hip-Hope Technologies and Atomation join forces in order to answer one of the biggest needs among the elderly community.

Hip fracture is the most common serious injury of the elderly community. Most of us are familiar with the restless concern for our parents/grandparents, and without proper technology and communication, we face uncertainty. So what if we told you that your beloved aged pal will be protected from fall injuries, and that you could be on the alert without having to be present 24/7?

Hip-Hope Technologies developed Hip Hope™, a revolutionary smart wearable device that provides real-time protection against hip fractures resulting from fall impact. When a fall occurs, the system deploys uniquely designed airbags protecting the hip area prior to hitting ground surface. Hip-Hope's smart algorithm and unique set of sensors makes it possible, for the first time, to distinguish between real falls and misleading fall-like events. The wearable device was designed as an aesthetic comfortable belt worn around the waist, over clothing.

Hip-Hope Technologies recently partnered with Atomation – an IoT platform that provides a software and hardware SDK enabling the connection of anything to the internet.
In Hip Hope’s case, both fall incident alerts and significant motion event data are sent to pre-selected contacts and uploaded to the cloud. Atomation's scalable platform is easy for developers to use, and tailors a full solution from the initial chip, to a mobile SDK and cloud connectivity.

New business opportunities

One of the most important elements of IoT is cloud connectivity. The cloud is needed to gather big data insights and analytics from connected objects. In other words make sense out of the data gathered by sensors. Google Analytics and other similar tools enabling us to collect website/app data are nothing new. But think of the possibility to gather information on objects in the physical world. This opens endless opportunities for the creators of… anything.

Atomation has provided its SDK, adding a mobile app and cloud DB analytics to the product. This is allowing continuous connectivity between customers and their social system. For example, if a customer has forgotten to wear the Hip-Hope device, his son/doctor/partner can be alerted through the app. The customer's close ones can now feel tranquility without actually being present.

The connectivity doesn't only make Hip-Hope a better product for customers, it also brings huge business value. Big data analytics can help track usability patterns. Where is the device being worn, at what times of the day, for how long, and so on. This data is crucial for clever decision making in every aspect. Wiser marketing strategies, product design concepts, customer service procedures and more can now be achieved. Jumping back to customers, new ways for companies to interact and update them have been made possible via the app.

The new insights and capabilities made possible by IoT are boosting the value of physical products. Industries considered once as outdated, are reducing the gap and overtaking software companies, or at least becoming as efficient

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