Harris Moysiadis: on Monday 8/2, I organised -with the support of Greece's National Contact Point for H2020 ICT, ekt.gr- a dual purpose event in Athens

-an Open Day on the AIOTI and EU's H2020 IoT LSP calls

-an interactive discussion among Greek IoT practicioners regarding the necessity of creating a national strategy for IoT in parallel with other Member States initiatives. This followed a bottom-up approach meaning that my thinking was "let us first organise and network horizontally and when Government awakes we will be in the position to direct it, leaving the leadership-vision-evaluation role to it".

See the presentation (below)

The cyclyst's metaphor was used in the sense that in 2011 greek cyclists did not have bicycle lanes to cycle so they were massively cycling donwtown on Friday nights provoking congestion and frustration to some drivers. However, the green areas in the latter map shows that they eventually "forced" the -local- Government to take some action and act on infrastructural level by developing bike paths.

The same might occur with the National IoT agendas.

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