Harbor R: Who's On First — IoT & Smart Systems Platform Assessment

Too many people today take it on faith that the best possible designs for the future of connected sensors, machines, people, systems and information will emerge from large IT, Telco or similar players. Yet, in the course of the last two decades, the world has become so dependent upon the existing ways computing is organized that most people, inside IT and out, cannot bring themselves to think about it with any critical detachment.  The telecom, IT and automation and control sectors have failed to re-evaluate their relationship to advancing technology and to their constituents. The business and technology paradigms to which these industries cling today are far too limiting, too cumbersome and too expensive to foster and sustain digital innovation and new growth.

In this Technology Insight, we present a summary of our firm’s research, analysis and perspective on the current state of software platforms for Smart Systems, Services and the IoT.

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