Hanne Melin: Creating policy for uncertainty by enabling, learning and analyzing

This article suggests that it is time for the next step of governance reform. The EU’s Smart Regulation agenda should become a European-wide Smarter Intervention project promoting informed problem solving with effective use of stakeholders and technologies. Today, we have the computer power and technologies to translate reflexive law theories into practical governance methods, combining market innovation and experimentation with achieving public policy goals.
The way towards Smarter Intervention goes via understanding how technological innovation is driving change in a networked society and the challenges for policy formulation (part 1 of this article). Based on the governance reform undertaken so far at EU level, the next stage of reform involves redefining certain parameters of governance as well as the role of the policymaker (parts 2 and 3). Against this background, it is possible - and paramount - to start experimenting with new ways of formulating and implementing public policy (part 4).

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