Gopal Sathe: New Year Ideas | Build your own internet of things

Source: "You can use a Raspberry Pi to give new life to old devices. Your fridge isn’t really ready to send you a reminder to buy more apples on the way home, but there are already several cool ways in which you can get your electronics talking to one another. One of the most exciting trends in technology is getting all the devices in a house connected to each other and to the Internet. The Internet of Things, as the idea is described, suggests a world where everything is interconnected, letting your washing machine order detergent when supplies run low, letting your phone switch on the air conditioner automatically as you get close to home, even letting you store music on your phone and play it from the big speakers in the house.
It’s still work in progress, but that’s changing quickly, and thanks to new devices like the Raspberry Pi (a low-cost computer that’s small enough to fit in your pocket), we’re starting to see a lot of home-made hacks that can slowly bring that idea to fruition."

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