Goods, persons, houses, situations and Industrial processes all radiate data and create digital footprints and ideally twins.

28/11/2020 - 19:56

Goods, persons, houses, situations and Industrial processes all radiate data and create digital footprints and ideally twins. These twins exist as sets of properties in an analytic layer that is in many commercial hands at the moment but not under democratic multi stakeholder control.

Whoever or whatever gains agency in and on that layer (which defines governance of the everyday) must grasp the practice and theory of assigning, withdrawing, validating and defining the very nature of entitlements; who/what/when/where exists how and why? The situation is hybrid in the sense that the digital twins actually begin to actuate back in the ‘analogue’ objects. This is the moment of ontological change. It demands a new toolset on the notion of identity itself. Uncoupling identity in thinking of “entitlements’ opens up a new field of value and services. In the case of self-driving cars this way of thinking could argue for liability not with real person-identities but with ‘entitlements’; any combination of a particular driver (with particular points on a passport and certain characteristics) and a particular car. This reasoning can be extended to any service in the network. In our model all categories of being: resources (raw materials), goods, machines, animals, plants and people have digital footprint and digital twins. At a higher level the AI and analytics will find particular synergies and combinates of these digital twins more realistic and interesting then what constitutes the old category that we still perceive as confined; a person, an object, a good, a location, a situation. This not a deviation but a logical hyper extension of the very notion of bureaucracy; "Peter Blau (1956) long ago argued that detailed information that offends or irritates the individual from whom it is requested is exactly the requirement of efficient and effective administration."

This then seems our reward as humans for having accepted the rational methods of dissection, classification and analysis in fragmentation and separation as a way to drive out the demons of superstition and random serendipity fuelled by raw power and violence. We have reached the absolute end of the methods that brought relief. As we have discerned and broken down all entities -including ourselves- into sets of properties, the extra that has slowly built up (as whatever it was that did not fit the ‘category’) is now actualizing an agency of its own brokering new entities with the sets of properties. This would make the alchemists of old quite happy.

It makes me happy too. We have a way forward that is more fulfilling then any other trajectory, including staying here or looking back.