Global X ETFs: The IoT Is At The Center Of Disruptive Technologies

Technological advancements under the rubric of the Internet of Things are expected to transform our work and everyday lives.

These technologies will connect advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, smart home devices, wearables, mobile payments and virtual reality to the Internet.

Products and services linked to the internet can collect and share information, be monitored or controlled remotely, and communicate with other smart devices or assistants.

Imagine waking up in the year 2030. While getting ready for work, your smart home heats up some coffee and picks an outfit to match the formality of a meeting on your calendar later that day. An electric and autonomous vehicle stops outside your house with the temperature set to your preferred 70 degrees and the stereo playing your morning playlist. The car zips you to work with breathtaking speed while you prepare for the day’s meetings. Before heading upstairs to your office, you grab breakfast at a local café and walk out without ever reaching for a wallet or phone.

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