George Wayne: Attention! Arduino Maker World-the Chariots have arrived!

March 15, 2016—Qualia Networks Incorporated announces initial availability of its Chariot – 2.4 GHz Web-of-Things Arduino Shield

Chariot, a full integration of Arduino with state of the art web-of-things technologies, is now available in sample quantities. This plug ’n play shield renders your Arduinos into a low-power wireless mesh that implements the latest IETF standards. All of your Arduino resources (digital and analog pins, sensors, leds, switches, etc.) become accessible to local Arduinos on the mesh and the outside world through individual web-addresses.

Chariot End Point Library for Arduino by Qualia Networks Incorporated (

The ChariotEPClass class allows you to use and manipulate Arduino resources in new, more interesting and complex ways than other web technologies, such as found in Yun and Ethernet Shield.

This library instantiates the object of this class for you. Its object is named "ChariotEP" (Chariot End Point). Also, upon detecting the Serial configuration of your Arduino, the communication channel named ChariotClient is derived from either Serial or SoftawareSerial class. For LEONARDO and UNO class boards, RX and TX pins must be jumpered to the Chariot. For MEGA_DUE class boards, Serial3 is jumpered. In both cases jumpering is to the Chariot's port labelled "UART1". See instructions that came with your Chariot.

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