Felipe Fonseca: Socio-ecological innovation

The manuals that simplified our worldly questions have self-imploded. There is no set of seven, ten or twelve commandments that ensure harmony between us humans, the other living beings and all the rest that surrounds both us and them. But then, neither could thirty seven or even forty two instructions do that. This manual will remain unwritten, it will never come.

How are all the little things that live on the surface of this great planet to continue to survive? Those things that are nourished and feed (off of) each other. And that live and kill one another, getting more unaware, compulsive and efficient everyday.
Maps of the future have imploded as well. The description of a scenario is uncertain, known paths lead to terrible destinations. The terrain itself bends all the time. Road signs are switched, be it out of jest, ignorance or spite.

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