Event identities

If you let it go too far it would be the end of everything. You would have bicycles wanting vote and they would get on the County Council and make the roads far worse than they are for their own ulterior motivation. But against this and on the other hand, a good bicycle is a great companion, there is a great charm about it. Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman

Accountability over anonymity characterizes this approach as it underlies society in the 20th century itself. Tokenized trust is a key feature but only in the actual locality where face to face and communities of people work and live together.
This approach that builds reciprocity not over two, but three actors, is the only way to counter and overcome the incongruities that are currently eroding trust, fake news, synthetic data (information artificially manufactured, created algorithmically) and chimeras (organism contains at least two different sets of DNA), fake passports and passports for sale by national source signers.
This approach builds on the fixed identities of human beings in nationally signed passports, of goods in, GS.1 type of repositories and scenarios of behavior in taxonomies such as coelition.org and face and gait recognition capabilities and reorganizes them as ‘event’ identities.
This approach acknowledges that if we do not go back to before the very notions of Linnaeus classification and encyclopedic organization of Diderot, we will be continuously repairing, legally fighting and running behind real-time agency.
Identity is thus distributed over architecture, service and phone, signed in digital signatures, federated and attribute based only.

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