Eugene Kim: How Jasper, A $US1.4 Billion 'Internet Of Things' Startup, Saved Tesla From Catastrophe

Source: „One of the hottest topics in today’s tech industry is the ‘Internet of Things (IoT).’
The IoT is a term used to describe a fully-connected world, where physical objects like refrigerators and cars — or even beer kegs — are linked to the Internet. That doesn’t simply mean browsing the Internet through these objects. It’s about monitoring data, improving security, and providing additional services to its users remotely.
Jasper, founded in 2004, is considered one of the early pioneers in this area. It provides a cloud-based IoT platform for companies to connect its product to the Internet, essentially turning it into a complete service package. And thanks to companies like Jasper, more and more businesses are reaping the benefits of a truly connected world.”

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