Eric Points: Have you scanned a QR code? Are you ready for the “Internet of Things”?

Eric Points, Going Bananas…The Rise of the “Internet of Things: "The other day I was eating a banana and noticed that it had a QR code on it. It dawned on me that my banana was connected to the Internet! For those who aren’t familiar with a QR code (also referred to as a 2D bar code) you might have noticed it as a digital looking item on a product or advertisement. The code is different than a traditional UPC code that you would scan for a price. The QR code was originally created for inventory control but has proliferated throughout society with the growth of smartphone adoption. These codes have become a marketers dream. It enables organizations to provide more detail about a product without burdening the packaging of the product or forcing people to remember URLs.  All one has to do is scan the code with the smartphone and you are taken to a place on the Internet. More fundamentally, QR codes have brought us closer to the “Internet of Things” a concept that was once the realm of science fiction.
The “Internet of Things” is the idea of connecting everything in life to the Internet and to each other. The QR code solves the immediate issue of not everything can have an IP address. Nobody expects their banana to be plugged into an Ethernet jack (or Wi-Fi adapter) but with the QR code, the banana now resides on the Internet.

The coming “Internet of Things” represents both opportunities and challenges for telecom service providers. The opportunities are around building intelligent and presence aware networks and moving to the world of applications. The challenge, of course, is keeping pace and relevant with the demands of innovation.

My banana represents one more step toward the future of where everything is connected and your needs and wants are anticipated long before you even ask for it.

What do you think of this?  Have you scanned a QR code?  Are you ready for the “Internet of Things”?

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