Ellie Anzilotti: What If The Car Of The Future Is A Giant, Rolling Piece Of Wearable Tech?

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has a plan for a vehicle that operates as an extension of ourselves–making us excited as it goes faster, and hungrier as it needs gas.

Autonomous vehicles are often discussed as a foregone conclusion–when we talk about “the car of the future,” that is what we imagine. But Jonathon Keats, a conceptual artist and experimental philosopher who “often takes the contrarian position,” as he tells Fast Company, thought: What if it’s not? And then, if the car of the future is not driverless, what is it?

It might, Keats suggests in his newest concept artwork, be what he calls driverful. Keats has developed a vision for a car that’s as integrated with our beings as our phones have become–a car that responds sensitively, in real time, to our own emotional and physical states, rather like a piece of wearable tech that encloses our whole being.

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