Dr. R Venkatesha Prasad: Cyber Capacity of a Country

The Ministry for External Affairs, Government of India as part of its overall outreach to the Indian diaspora regularly organizes day-long Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) panels on specific themes, which connect the diaspora to India. The objective of the panel discussions is to seek the views of eminent members of the Indian Diaspora and domain experts from India on issues of importance for the country and the role that the diaspora can play. The discussions are then summarized into concrete policy recommendations for the Government. For the theme, “Developing Cyber Capacity of India”, Dr. R Venkatesha Prasad has been recommended by Minister of External Affairs Smt. Sushma Swaraj.

Dr. Prasad was one of the ten experts selected and only one from EU. He proposed a new definition of Cyber Capacity of a Country" as:  

"Cyber-capacity of a country can be defined as the capability to use ICT in all spheres, such as society, education, industry, research, healthcare, agriculture and self-defence through (i)Robust-, (ii)Secured-, (iii)Affordable- iv) Democratic-, and (v) Transparent – Cyberspace, resulting in a strong and prosperous nation of the 21st century.

He proposed three pillars, (a) Cyber Infrastructure, (b) Smart-everything applications and (c) Digital literacy for masses. The need here is to build the cyber infrastructure that could be used to its optimal to enable smart applications. Then using the cyber infrastructure and applications to bring digital literacy for the citizens such that citizens can then bring innovation in the first two pillars -- cyber infrastructure and smart applications. Thus the system become sustainable and progressive. 

Dr. R Venkatesha Prasad
Delft University of Technology,

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