DOWSE: on off switch for your devices in your home by the crew, at Dutch Design Week

20/10/2016 - 17:31

Recent research in the Netherlands show that 50% of the IT decision makers, about 70% of freelancers and 30% of SME have not heard of the term the Internet of Things.

For the larger public this is less.

This is about to change, rapidly.
No one can ignore the immense impact of computers, laptops, and smartphones. And now your lamp, fridge, television, vibrator, mattress and electrical toothbrush will go online. They are communicating through the internet with their makers. In your home. Invisible to you. Are still in charge in your own home?

No, you are not.

Navigating this Internet of Things is extremely difficult. Everything is invisible.

The Dowse box gives you back control. Dowse is free and open source software. There is no big company behind it. By installing the Dowse box you will get insight down to the network layer of what is actually going on in your home. Who is talking to who, what, where and when? You can see which device connects to which company and you can turn that communication off. Or allow it.

We call it an Awareness Box. You will be aware of the invisible world surrounding you and your famlly.
To us, this is the first step. Dowse is building a community of developers who will create modules allowing you to safely and securely share your data with whomever you want. After all there are a lot of pros about getting insight into your own behavior, your family’s and your home as a companion. Yet the control should stay with you. You will share if you know what you are really sharing.

Dowse is being developed with support from SIDN and nlnet.

Dowse is being developed by,  a non-profit foundation and free software foundry with more than 10 years of expertise in developing tools and narratives for community empowerment.

Dowse is part of the exhibition of the Just Things Foundation: Why does my refrigerator know my birthday?
They present best practices en specially designed products that illustrate how well balanced and honest internet of things design can be.

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