Dimitrios Spiliopoulos: Bridging the gap between IoT and business professionals in a Tech-enabled world

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"I work in operations, not in IT or innovation - so it's not my role to know and get involved with emerging technologies." If you work in any industry which is set to be impacted by the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) or augmented reality (AR), you might have overheard this in your office. Or how about this? "Technology subjects are relevant to my colleagues in the innovation team or to my friends who work in tech companies. I'm not a techie - I am a marketer."

Sound familiar? This is not only because of silos, but mainly because of traditional mindsets about roles. In recent months, while working both as an educator on IoT business subjects and as an IoT business specialist, I met several business professionals who did not have tech backgrounds or any relation to IoT and other technologies. What I found was fascinating. Many business professionals feel that technology understanding is not part of their role or responsibility, but something that only their company's IT/innovation department and tech vendors should care about. For IoT, 5G, AI, blockchain, and AR/VR in particular, they sound to them like nice buzzwords of the future, but mainly useful for the tech professionals.

I had this impression, but now it is confirmed. Anyway, why should they care? Someone may think that those are not relevant to their job or industry if they work, for example, in construction, FMCG, or retail. But is this the right mindset for an individual to improve personally and for a company to grow?

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