Dennis Pamlin: Cluster Platform for Transformative solutions

Collaborative Cluster Development: In order to move beyond incremental improvements in existing systems new collaborations are needed. With a virtual cluster platform stakeholders that otherwise would not meet can connect and collaborate in ways that have never been possible before. The platform has a collaborative development structure where the decisions made by the users of the platform decide how the platform will evolve, including how clusters can be supported to deliver the solutions needed and what features the platform will include to help the clusters deliver on the goals.
The aim of the pilot is to develop a working virtual cluster platform that can deliver transformative solutions with the help of a new generation of tools. This pilot will allow participating stakeholders to deliver on important goals, both individual and platform specific, while at the same time better understand how a new generation of solution providers/clusters can be supported. If the pilot is successful the platform will be scaled up to a fully functioning version for general use and where new areas such as health/wellbeing and education/ca- pacity, that deliver on other goals can be added.

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