Denis Brunetti: Hanoi is well positioned to become a smart city: Ericsson exec.

Denis Brunetti, president of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, talks to Hanoitimes on Hanoi’s readiness to turn itself into a smart city and the role of ICT in this process. Hanoi is well positioned to become a smart city: Ericsson exec.,

What role does information technology (IT) play in the building of smart city?
First, I wish to congratulate and commend the Government of Vietnam for the Smart City Development Plan, which aims to drive Smart City developments across Vietnam by addressing and creating a prosperous and harmonious interaction between the economy, environment and society through the intelligent use of digital technology.
ICT (Information Communication Technology) plays a fundamental role in the building of the Smart City. More specifically, 4G and 5G IoT (Internet of Things) network infrastructure lays the foundation upon which all ‘data traffic’ travels across a smart city, connecting people, machines and industries. 4G & 5G IoT networks are very much like the roads, tunnels, bridges and highways in physical cities, carrying important digital informat

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