David Braue: Gadget-hungry consumers creating IoT security holes they can't fix

Despite large vendors' market positioning around Internet of Things (IoT) security threats, tech-deficient consumers are spooked by IoT threats and are overwhelmingly looking to their antivirus software providers to help them secure their devices, according to a new consumer survey.

The online IoT Survey, by security vendor Bullguard, received 672 responses from US and UK consumers. Some 47 percent of US consumers have more than 3 IoT devices and 15 percent have more than 5 devices, the research found, with 31 percent of US consumers and 42 percent of UK consumers owning at least one connected IoT device (not including phones or tablets).

“The connected house is starting to look like a low-end SMB,” Bullguard CEO Paul Lipman told CSO Australia. “Every device is getting some form of Internet connectivity and some form of cloud service as an adjunct. But for device manufacturers, security is really an afterthought: these guys are optimising for cost and bill of materials in manufacturing; security is very far down the priority list.”

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