Daniel Robinson :Internet of Things data deluge will swamp old software systems

Source: „Existing data management tools are ill equipped to cope with the Internet of Things and the data deluge it will generate, according to executives at Actian, the firm formerly known as Ingres. Speaking at an event in London attended by V3, Actian executives said companies are changing the way they look at data and asking questions that call for new tools and services as well as new approaches to analysing the data itself.
Chief executive Steve Shine said this was what has driven Actian's transformation from a traditional database vendor over the past few years, as it acquired firms such as ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation for their technologies.
However, the current crop of tools for handling big data and extracting useful insights are still "shockingly bad" and require too many esoteric skills to make them work, according to Actian chief technology officer Mike Hoskins.
"MapReduce is not just dragging us back to how things in IT were in the 1980s, it's dragging us back to like it was in the 1950s," he said.”