Daniel Kline: Your smartphone may be about to friend your Crock Pot and your Mr. Coffee won't be far behind.

Daniel Kline: The Internet of Things Is Coming to the Kitchen. Jarden (NYSE: JAH  ) , a small appliance maker that owns Crock Pot, Mr. Coffee, Oster, and many other well-known brands, will soon begin offering connected appliances with practical uses that customers communicate with through their smartphones. And while these appliances won't actually be joining Facebook or favoriting your posts on Twitter, they will be doing things that previously required the presence of a person. 
The company has partnered with Belkin, which offers the WeMo home automation line. WeMo products include light switches, power outlets, and related products that allow users to monitor cost and usage of various home electronics from a smartphone app. Belkin's partnership with Jarden takes home automation beyond monitoring and actually brings about practical applications. The first product in the line will be a WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker. From a smartphone users will be able change cooking time, adjust temperature, and check the status of their dish. The slow cooker is being released this month by Belkin and Jarden.

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