All technologies have both advantages and disadvantages. That's why we are combining technologies into the creation of one coin. CrypticCoin gives our users the ability to choose, compare and eventually use the confidentiality mechanism that best suits them. CrypticCoin is a coin designed for the discretion of users by offering them the appropriate tools. As a basis, we decided to implement a mix of an enriched version of the ZeroCash Protocol (zk-SNARK systems protocol) and a Hybrid version of Verge (Stealth Addressing Technologies). However, we make no claims that CrypticCoin will offer only these two mechanisms, over time, other privacy technologies (e.g., Confidential Transactions) will be implemented in CrypticCoin. Over time other privacy technologies will be added to CrypticCoin. CrypticCoin also has proprietary enhanced security measures built in to further enhance the system of security within the CrypticCoin Ecosystem. It is with such functionality that CrypticCoin will be presented to the community. We suggest and encourage users have shielded transactions enabled by default.

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