Creating Pollution-Eating Building Facades for Cleaner Cities

We are facing an era of rapid urbanization, with 70% of the world's population expected to be living in urban areas by 2050. As our cities grow at an exponential rate, how will we solve problems like rising pollution, and it's impact on the environment and our health?

A Berlin based company, Elegant Embellishments, are tackling the problem by producing smog-eating facade panels that combine smart materials, sunlight and intelligent design to combat pollution in cities. The innovative technology is called Prosolve370e, and it's design was inspired by fractals in nature to maximise the surface area to capture pollution and omni-directional light where light is scarce.

Allison Dring, Co-Founder of Elegant Embellishments, will be speaking at the RE•WORK Connected City Summit in March about the role of pollution-reducing building facades in our future cities. Read the full interview with Alison to hear her thoughts on future cities, challenges, smart citizens and more.