Council launches Consultancy: the Internet of People, IoP

1/07/2012 - 12:04

Internet of People: A combination of societal and technical developments asks for new visions. The challenges that come with them will be more challenging than the ones we had to face before. The social and economic contracts between people, businesses and governments are undergoing a fundamental change and new rules of the game and governance models are needed for the future digital societies. The new generation of digital natives has lost hope in the political system and the economic model. The current institutions are no longer able to provide the conditions to build the future. All youth movements around the world are inspired by the nature of the Internet, claiming transparency, civic engagement, and new accountable digital institutions.

Our new paradigm (IoP) can turn the current crisis into an opportunity, proposing a new business models and new forms of interaction between enterprises, governments, and citizens. Since real time data-driven applications are transforming all social and economic sectors, it is important that people trust the system they use and that they are in control of the data they produce, use, and share:

  • We believe that steering changes from technical innovations will lead to good business
  • We help things in the world have conversations with you
  • We want the internet of things and we want it in our hands
  • We don't believe in smart cities. we believe in wise societies