Tinker: Defining the landscape of the Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things has been a buzz word that is slowly turning into a reality, depending on what kind of goggles you have on and I thought I’d start trying to map what the current landscape looks like for us. Focusing on the products or product experiments out there, there are 3 assumptions:
  • We’re assuming the Internet and the data it produces and real world products both exist in the equation. This can seem simple, but it’s kind of tricky. At the moment, the difference between a “product”, a “device” and a laptop is really blurring. A coffee cup is still a coffee cup though right? So it’s about how much the product is defined by technology at that point.
  • You can track the real world
These are objects that allow you to track things in the real world and send it to the internet to visualise.

  • You can display data in the real world
There are objects which pull down data in order for you to understand it more easily or as a way to activate something in real life.
For examples see the Tinker blog post.

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