A tcp/ip for IoT?

Rob van Kranenburg of Council recently moderated GIOTC Internet of Things Conference in Beijing together with Zhang Qi, Chairman of China Information Industry Trade Association, Chairman of RFID China Alliance. Dr. Wu Dongya, Associate director of the National Registration Center for OID spoke on OID techology and application in IOT. The coming two years it seems will be directional for standardization of IOT. Some argue a clean slate approach (which is a view that gains credibility by what is happening on the internet at the moment), some argue intranets of things, some mashups of 6LOWpan ("6LowPAN brings IP and IPv6 to wireless sensor networks using 802.15.4.") and evermore intelligent become social network building the service layer that will stand between you and your objects (you pay for the best filter otherwise you get spammed to death by your blinds texting you they are out of batteries), some argue GS1 and others may propose another single solution standard such as OID. It seems the discussion is on:Experts say standardization of Internet of Things is urgent."Dec. 10 (C114) -- Ubiquitous Network / Internet of Things, as one of the most popular topics, its standardization work attracted widespread attention. In today's " Technology and Industrial development of Ubiquitous Network / Internet of Things international forum", Many experts point out that China should accelerate the development of standardization of Internet of Things to seize the right to speak in the field and promote the industrial development. Right now the Internet of Things has not formed the global standard yet, many countries are actively developing standards for the national level to seek the right to speak, no doubt China don’t want to fall behind.
Wen Ku, director of Technology Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said the development of Internet of Things in addition to integrating all aspects of the industry chain, actively promoting the international cooperation and dealing with the security issues, but also to speed up the standards of Internet of Things, concentrate on independent innovation and strengthen the core competitiveness.Zhu Gaofeng, chairman of China Communications Standards Association, pointed out that the current standard of Ubiquitous Network / Internet of Things should be studied, which relates to the development priorities of the whole industry.Secretary-General Zhou Baoxin believed that the standardization and industrialization of Internet of Things is complementary, lacking standards is not conducive to industrial development, but only with standard-setting also can not promote the industrial development."

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