Special Issue International Journal of Web and Grid Services: Extending the Internet of Things to the Web of Things

Journal: International Journal of Web and Grid Services, part of the International Workshop on Extending Seamlessly to the Internet of Things (esIoT): "Web services are developing to provide declarative interfaces to services offered by systems on the Internet. They include messaging protocols, standard interfaces and directory services, as well as security layers, for efficient and effective business application integration. Typical application areas are business-to-business integration, business process integration and management, content management, and design collaboration.Currently, Grid computing has emerged as a global platform to support organisations for coordinated sharing of distributed data, applications, and processes. Grid computing has also started to leverage web services to define standard interfaces for business services like business process outsourcing, a higher level outsourcing model of e-business on demand. Service orientation of the Grid makes it a promising platform for seamless and dynamic development, integration and deployment of service-oriented applications.IJWGS proposes and fosters discussion on web and grid service technology with a focus on its application, emphasising issues of architecture, implementation, and standardisation. This perspective acknowledges the complexity and challenges developers currently faced with when designing and deploying web service based solutions on the grids.The last Special Issue from esIoT for Web of Things with an Impact Factor equal to 0.978."Journal: International Journal of Web and Grid ServicesIF = 0.978Special Issue: Extending the Internet of Things to the Web of ThingsEdition: Inderscience PublishersISSN: 1741-1106 In addition, remember the previously announced Special Issues:For IoT:--------Journal: Mobile Information SystemsIF = 1.325Special Issue: Selected papers from IMIS/CISISImprint: IOS Press ---Book: Extending the Internet of ThingsCollection: Pervasive and Ubiquitous ComputingEdition: CRC-PressImprint: Taylor & Francis For eHealth and AAL:--------------------Journal: Journal of Medical Internet ResearchIF = 4.7Special Issue: IoT: Towards a Mobile and Ubiquitous Healthcare and PreventionImprint: Open AccessISSN: 1438-8871 ---Journal: Int. Journal of E-Health and Medical CommunicationsSpecial Issue: Internet of Things in Healthcare and Assisted LivingImprint: IGI-GlobalISSN: 1947-315X Other Special Issues to be considered from the main conference:---------------------------------------------------------------Journal: NeurocomputingIF = 1.429Special Issue: Advances in cognitive and ubiquitous computingImprint: ELSEVIERISSN: 0925-2312 ----Journal: Mathematical and Computer ModellingIF = 1.066Special Issue: Advances in mobile, ubiquitous and cognitive computingImprint: ELSEVIERISSN: 0895-7177 More information.

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