The International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies (IJACDT) which is devoted to links art, design, science, and culture with emerging technologies will be publishing a special issue on creative and innovative processes within technologies cultures. In this special issue, we will aim to explore and to uncover a variety of creative and innovative insights arising from academic and professional perspectives. It is a transdisciplinary approach for understanding the cutting edge of theories and practices arising from the complex research areas and their impact with the technological innovation as tool of creativity. The issue will include original theoretical,empirical or methodological contributions related to processes,tools or methods describing the project as cultural acts within the explanation of the planning as well as technological,scientific and cultural references.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ART, CULTURE AND DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES (IJACDT)CALL FOR PAPERSSPECIAL ISSUE: CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGIES CULTURESFull Paper due: 10 December 2010

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