Song Do in 2002

The ultimate aim of all creativity is the building, said Walter Gropius in Manifesto of the Bahaus (April 1919):  “Let us together desire, conceive and create the new building of the  future, which will combine everything – architecture and sculpture   and painting – in  a single form….” Building will become once again the core unit of design. For something has fundamentally changed: the very nature of information itself, no longer analogue, no longer digital, and not hybrid neither: buildings, cars and people can now be defined as information spaces.  Anthony Townsend, from Taub Urban Research Center, has been asked by the South Korean government to  “turn an undeveloped parcel of land on the outskirts of Seoul into a city whose raison d'etre will be to produce and consume products and  services based on new digital technologies: “ The main challenge lies  in the realization that “half of designing a city is going to be  information spaces that accompany it because lots of people will use  this to navigate around.”  Waiting rooms, he claims, become something of an anachronism because no one really waits anymore.  Townsend claims that telecommunications in a city in 2012 is going to be a lot more complex:  “The most interesting thing about it will be that you won't be able to see it all at once because all these data structures, computational devices, digital networks and cyberspaces that are built upon those components will be invisible unless you have the password or unless you are a member of the group that is permitted to see them”.  In such an environment, - a truly magic one - people themselves  become information spaces. Building, cars people, and homes become information spaces that can be described in the same markup languages.What happens if we network homes in streets and neighbourhoods, in order to share energy, connectivity and other resources? What does living together mean? See:September 18, 2002 12:00 PM PDT Newsmaker: Designing the century's first digital cityBy Sandeep JunnarkarSong Do nowKarachi based Mauj Media Lab:City in Nature

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