Short update on Beijing GIOTC IOT Conference 23-24 November

A full report by Florian Michahelles is available here. The Conference showed some important markers of where Korea is heading, what kinds of policies China is pursuing, the coming severe discussions on naming and addressing schemes and the huge difference in the East and West in terms of enthusiasm into going into these new ontologies.The official European stories of Eurocities and Living Labs were on the defensive, high on issues of privacy and security, and failed to address the current crisis and the real complex political situation on the ground. On the contrary in the East there has been severe development on the ground and a conceptual move towards (finally) thinking about how we want to live in a space like this in a truly global world. There is enthousiasm coupled with the outspoken worry of what it will do to humans if the environment and things get 'smart'. But there is a recognition that we are moving there, that this is inevitable and that we not go in with our hands tied to old analogue notions that are outmoded and outdated. What is coming out of Europe is the mix of designer-architect entrepreneurs such as Usman Haque, creative physicists as Mischa Dohler, and clear conceptual academic practical thinking from Florian Michahelles. If Europe wants to keep playing a role it has to find new VC schemes, new quick and dirty policy mechanisms for the current ones will not be able to move with the current flow of events that can not be harnassed but must be steered. The steering will be done by the most flexible, pragmatic and integrated party.Results:
  • beginning to understand the problems
  • cooperating on different levels (standards, services, applications, vision)
  • on the same level of development conceptually
  • moving from smart to wise cities, that is acknowledging people and vision
  • moving from instrumental and services to the real human experience: wonderland (u-city step 3)
The big hit of the Conference was Usman Haque (Pachube) who was swamped after his talk as the speaker immediately following, Johnny Zhang (Secretary General of Z-Park, Internet of Things Industry Association) told the audience (350 people, in a packed Beijing National Convention Centre) to quickly grab him as next year this Conference could not afford him anymore and those receiving him would be the highest government level!.Press- 1, 2,See also"Global Internet of Things Conference (GIOTC) was held on November 23-24, 2010 in Beijing National Convention Center. Hundreds of people, most from business and administration, joined the conference and side exhibition. I did not come to the confusing-structured conference hall until the afternoon of November 23, missing a couple of presentations from European Commission and many companies. In the afternoon session, the first half, chaired by Rob van Kranenburg, comprised of 6 full presentations on technological developments or business applications. Mr. Kranenburg manage to mobilize his panelists to respond questions and generate new thinkings." reference   

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