Openness with security: API keys for the Internet of Things

Go and check out the Pachube feedPachube says: "You will notice above a little Javascript function updating every 5 seconds or so with the value of Pachube feed 504, datastream 1.We think this is REALLY BIG NEWS....Why? Because this is the first tiny public demonstration of a new permissioning system we are going to be rolling out over the next few weeks that we think is going to be a major part of the Internet of Things: the ability to emphasise security, while still encouraging openness.The more curious among you will have checked source code to figure out how I embedded the javascript without revealing my API key (which, as we all know would be a big security risk, because it provides access to my entire Pachube account and all its feeds).And you will then be surprised to see that I do actually reveal the key -- in fact (to make it easier on everyone else) the API key is... XtEtT75_XcNix-rfBzWuQU_BXDCPZx6-MevZI-eC4aA...!"read on: Advanced API keys

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