Learning in an Internet of Things world

The Internet of Things is a vision and an aim to become the most ‘smart’ environment on the planet. In order to achieve this objective citizens must be educated into this ‘total connectivity’. In our current situation we are faced with the Trust Paradox. A lot of media and policy channels tell us that the environment is unsafe and cannot be trusted. Yet in order for location based services and IoT applications and devices to turn into a generic service layer it is vital that citizends do trust this very same ambient environment. Can we create a didactics and pedagogy for the learning environment the world itself can become in the Internet of Things? Image you have fifteen minutes on a train station and because you have distributed devices or applications on a smart phone that helps you to build trust relations you are able to ‘see’ that a fellow stranded person is very good at maths. You do a fifteen minute chat and you both go away wiser and possibly with some kind of credit, point, reward, validation. (a Kennisnet scenario). Image you can stage your talents and be 'discovered' not only through real time tv?