JURY: New Year Contest IoT on Panopticon

It is amazing to see how this New Year Contest could produce so rich and inspiring analyses. It is hard to distinguish the contributions, they are all different and to some extent complementary. The Jury – consisting of Francesca Bria and Gérald Santucci – had a difficult task to perform! In order to remain objective as much as possible (which we admit is not so easy when you take into consideration your own education, experience, and vision), we decided to use three criteria:
  • -    Does the text propose an anti-Panopticon concept? Sometimes there is one, sometimes there is none, sometimes there is one but actually it is not proposed as a contrary of Panopticon.
  • -    Does the text propose an innovative approach to the impact of IoT on society? Here, our judgement is not about what we think of the approach but much more modestly whether we believe there is one and, if so, whether we believe it is an innovative one.
  • -    Does the text propose a convincing analysis?
Although we believe that the ultimate winning and most productive course of action is to combine many of the suggestions and ideas, we think that given the criteria above the winning entry is written by Pierpaolo Giacomin. The proposed Openspace/Synopticon vision is stimulating, coherent and holistic. It includes a sociotechno- economic- and design approach. The upcoming forms of an IoT-enabled society are not rejected but “new weapons” are developed to empower individuals to define borders of their own personal space. The proposed vision could have a strong impact, since it can be able to influence different stakeholders, from policymakers to legislators and businesses. Furthermore the Herma project suggests practical scenarios that can inspire a new generation of IoT creators.A report can be downloaded.The jury wants to thank all writers and hope that we will hear more of them. These debates are not disinterested, but could be important and who knows decisive maybe? in the trajectory to a full IOT reality.

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