Harbor Research: Designing the Future of Smart Connected Things

"The intersection of Enterprise 2.0 and the Internet of Things creates value at two disparate ends of the business spectrum. The adoption of Web 2.0 social networking and collaborative software for businesses is creating new value for businesses, driven from social collaboration between employees, partners, customers and suppliers. On the other end, the rise of the “Internet of Things” has helped transform manufacturing companies into value-added service companies. Manufacturers are learning that by putting products on networks they are essentially placing themselves into continuous contact with their customers, thereby enabling them to better understand their customer’s needs and act appropriately. The intersection of these two emerging trends creates an opportunity for business users/developers and OEMs to evolve their business model and drive competitive differentiation by cleverly combining the collaboration tools and environment of a common enterprise social networking platform with the ability to support remote devices, machines, and people as peer members of the community. "

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