Entry Nr 8: What is the opposite of Panopticon Contest? : brXerland

brXerland: It would be just and very nice to know that at any given time an  individual has the right to view the entirety or part of the data that is available on him/her -- who or what has entered (t)his/her data (and when) -- who or what has consulted his/her data (and when), who or what has modified his/her data (and when) -- to add and amend his/her data, and to know that fundamentally it is his/her sole property ownership, this data. (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights) It is impossible to imagine data disappearing or vanishing with out the entire internet or substantially large parts of it being rendered inert in an internet of things scenario. No?See this video on the MOBIB Transit card in Brussels. (in Dutch, tagline: As I have no privacy, why should I not go naked in the first place?)In the Nahuatl language one might say - toyollo teyolitia tenemitia tetecuinia - Our heart: It makes people live, it keeps people alive, it beats.  toyolca - our sustenance, our nourishment.  toyollo - our heart; our chest; our soul.Blood, just as electricity is, is vital to the functioning of the internet of anything - inclusive of all of our all seeing eyes.It is highly likely that the opposite of Panopticon may be found somewhere in between Atman and Anima mundi - “Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence -- a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.” ~ Plato“The root *ēt-men (breath) is cognate with Old English "æþm", Greek "asthma", German "Atem": "atmen" (to breathe). The Spanish word "alma" (soul) is not related to "ātman". It is derived from Latin "anima" (breath,soul), which is cognate to Sanskrit "ánilaḥ" (wind). Although "ánilaḥ" and "ātman" have similar meaning, they are not etymologically related.” ~ Wikipedia, AtmanOn the other hand Aksel Sandemose in “En flyktning krysser sitt spor” highlights a general sociological deficiency rampant in modern man's psyche.The 'paradeigma' is one of an "ecology" between all men and women, their systems, their machines and the resources available.But it all starts with the individual now! Doesn't it?