Council Interview with Alexander Hille on DyCoNet

Council: "What needs to happen for „Dynamisches Container-Netzwerk“ (Dyconet) to come true?"
Alexander Hille: "The current experience in DyCoNet as a project in the air cargo sector showed, that a sufficient power supply for a GPS/GMS module with a simple communication concept and low power features can only be reached with a solar panel (200 cm²) combined with a bigger energy buffer. We evaluated other harvesting methods based on temperature differences and vibrations which we saw not as effective or too restrictive (e.g. too small bandwidth of harmonic frequencies, minimum temperature difference needed) than the mature solar harvesters.  So, there is still potential for better effectiveness especially regarding temperature and vibration harvesters.  We also see a need for further developments in the flexibility of the application (rugged designs, usability, embedded possibilities, size)."

Council: "When do you personally consider it a success in 2013 when it finishes?"
Alexander Hille: "When we developed solutions which in short term are useful for all involved companies. For example new products, which were developed in a company-overlapping manner and have integrated functionalities for example sensor platforms, energy harvesting power supply and telematics. Also, new business models based on the technical developments on the application side of Lufthansa Cargo and Jettainer would be considered a success."

A long term success will be a step further into usability of the Internet of things in the air cargo sector, which would involve in a final step air cargo process redesign to involve autonomic objects (e.g. smart ULD containers) upon process execution - but this is a long road to go.
Council: "Do you envisage spin-offs?"
Alexander Hille: Ideas are in place but not quite ready to be talked about as spin-offs for 2013 or 2014. Of course, when DyCoNet is finished there will be a high potential for usability also in other branches and on other objects. All partners took the possibility for a further development of their existing portfolio.

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