Council hosts a Special Lab at Picnic 2011: Can we crowdfund infrastructure in a full Internet of Things world?

Council hosts a City, Design & Play Lab:  
  • City furniture and infrastructure: How connected can we make the lampposts, traffic lights, traffic signs, waste bins, roads, sewage systems and what kind of services can we build on top of this? How inclusive can these be? Can plants, animals and resources be seen as equals?
  • Infrastructure of interaction: The city is an infrastructure of interaction producing cityness, an amalgam of experiences. In a full internet of things many operations will be machine to machine, semi and real autonomous. How can we learn to live with and side by side by what we now still percieve as 'robots'?
  • Business models and funding: Infrastructural projects are connected in our minds with 'big', 'scale', 'expensive' and 'complex' and 'central'. Is it possible to make roads, sewage systems and other infrastructural demads in a decentralized way still keeping a balance in cost, efficiency and energy efficiency?
Partners: LatitudeInfo.nlPlayful InteractionsPICNIC '11, 14-16 September 2011 Amsterdam, the kranenbu at

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