Coordination of the rollout of IPv6 in Germany

Based on RIPE-501 and further IPv6 profile approaches, the German government (Ministry of Interior and The Federal Office of Administration) initiated a R&D project to develop a comprehensive IPv6-Profile focused on the requirements of the public administration in Germany. Beside a IPv6-Profilematrix several migration supporting documents are developed to speed up the roll out of IPv6 within the German public sector. The profile will be published and translated into English until RIPE64 (April 2012) to be used in the RIPE region also by other organizations than German administration. The documents will present the profile and the main findings from this project which will be helpful for all organizations to coordinate the rollout of IPv6 and gives an example how to manage IPv6 on a country level.For more information, please contact Randi Korff,Randi.Korff at 

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