Council is a think tank for the Internet of Things. Forecasting then becomes prototyping. Forecasting by prototyping is a phrase of Ben Russell, the author of Headmap.

We believe IoT constitutes an new ontology. Qualities and properties of citizens/endusers, industry and governance will merge to form new leading actors. These three groups have always been quite distinct and sometimes antagonistic.

During Radiator, january 2009, Sean Dodson, Christian Nold, Régine Debatty, Usman Haque  and Rob van Kranenburg- had tea and sandwiches in Rosy Lee, just opposite the Broadway Cinema where Radiator was. Usman found this in an old notebook ("Oct 2008-Aug 2009") --- „think it's from when we kicked off, right?”
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Internet of Things is at a crossroads. It can only work if citizens are willing to pay for services and investments in infrastructure, which can only happen if the use of novel business models will bring added value to old services or the development of totally new services. Value for everyday life and everyday activities must be shown. Throughout, seminars, workshops, conferences, meetups and meetings are set up increasingly aware about this. 

Postcapes and Council bring you IoT Events, the place where you can add your event yourself, and April 9 IoT Day.

Council is  a Knowledge Partner in IoT events

Council is a Media Partner for IoTX, Dubai 2015

Council launched in 2009 in Brussels.

Council France, une co-organisation de Council, Nod-A, MCD, FING, EPIT, launched June 29, 2011 in Paris.

Council hosted a seminar at V2 in Rotterdam, december 2011.

Council hosted three tracks at Open World Forum, september 2011.

Council hosted a Lab - City, Design and Play - in Picnic 2011.

Council became a Knowledge Partner to Internet of Things Russia.

Council hosts a Lab - ROBIOT - Robotics meets IoT - in Picnic 2012.

Council hosts a panel - The Internet of Open Stuff - in Paris, Open World Forum 2012.

Council is a Knowledge Partner for IoT China 2013 and the upcoming 2014 edition.

Council organized a Meetup at Wayra, Sau Paulo during IoT Week Brazil 2013.

Council co-organized the Business Model Pitch Session at IoT Week, Helsinki, june 2013.

Council is a Knowledge Partner for the 2013 M2M and Internet of Things Global Summit, Washington, October 2013.

Council co-organizes with SHARE and RCA, as Kidnet: Seminar, September 20 2013, London, UK on IoT and Kids, Education.

Council co-organizes Accelerating the Open Source IoT Ecosystem, November 22, London, UK.

Council is a Conference Partner to IoT Asia 2014.

Council is a Knowledge Partner to IoT China 2014, Shanghai.

Council is co-organizer of Internet of Things Philosophy, York.

Council is a Knowledge Partner to Forum Europe Brussels Internet of Things 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

Council supports the Internet of Things Developer Day, Utrecht, May 28 2014.

Council is a Knowledge Partner for

  • RE.WORK Technology Summit, Berlin, 19-20 June 2014
  • RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit, San Francisco, 6-7 November 2014
  • RE.WORK Internet of Things Summit, London, 12-13 March 2015







Africa Rail 2015, Africa's leading transport and infrastructure show! Bringing together the biggest industry players in one place. 

India m2m + iot Forum 2015 is the Forum for machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot)! Which will bring the leading strategists and disruptors changing the face of the m2m and iot landscape.


Council is a Knowledge Partner for Location and Context World, taking place December 2-3 at the JW Marriott, San Francisco, is the meeting place for innovators driving the new revolution of personalized services, with discussions and talks around proximity and beacons and the future of privacy.



Council is a Knowledge Partner to Data Analytics 2014, „The Rising Role of Data”, 23 October 2014 | BCS, London, UK.


Council is a Knowledge Partner of Telematics Munich. At Telematics Munich 2014 (10th-11th November), Europe’s leading OEMs and Tier 1s will join tech players to discuss how the car should plug into the IoT. Speakers confirmed - Daimler, Qoros, the UN, Volkswagen, Facebook, Continental and Ford.  Topics include content & apps, V2X & autonomous car, traffic & advanced nav, insurance & fleet.




Knowledge Partners

Council is a Knowledge Partner for the 1st, 2nd, 3d, 4th and 5th Annual Internet of Things Europe.




Internet Week Logo

Council is a Knowledge partner of The Internet of Things Conference 2012, London, May 15 2012

UK Govnet IOT

Council is a Knowledge Partner of Internet of Things China 2011, June 16, 17 in Shanghai. It is again a Knowledge Partner at IOT 2012, Shanghai.

In 2010 and 2011 Council was a Knowledge Partner of Forum Europe the Annual Internet of Things Conference in Brussels, June 1 and 2. We will be a Knowledge Partner again in 2012.

Council is a Knowledge Parner for the Global Internet of Things Conference, in Beijing, organized by GIOTC, November 23- 25 2010.

a Content partner of PICNIC10, September 22-24.

Council is again a Knowledge Partner for Picnic 2011.

a Content partner of STRP 2010, November 18-28.

Rob van Kranenburg of Council has been nominated for the Trail Blazer Award 2010. This award is assigned to the person who is helping the ID Community envision what will happen in the coming generations. He is nominated again in 2012.

Erin Anzelmo, Alex Bassi, Dan Caprio, Sean Dodson, Rob van Kranenburg & Matt Ratto wrote Internet of Things. Discussion Paper for the Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin. October 2011. Erin Anzelmo, Alex Bassi, Sean Dodson, Rob van Kranenburg & Matt Ratto are members of Council.




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