Charline Dietrich (in French): connected white products : or, if not all actors get equipped, abundance of information will be lost.

Charline Dietrich: "The Internet of Things consists, to make it simple, in connecting objects. In some sort, it is about the extension of Internet to the real world of objects which surround us. The advantages they bring are huge: better control of energy, traceability of products, better medical follow ups, simplification of daily chores. This market is in full development but not mature yet. Numerous rules concerning management and standardization are still to be defined.

In this professional thesis, we are particularly interested in connected white products. It means electrical appliances connected with Internet. Showing intelligence, they offer the possibility to automate chores and control different energies. Those appliances are still rarely found in the market although we have been hearing about it for now several years (connected refrigerators are a good example). In fact, consumers are interested in that type of products as I have already noticed from qualitative and quantitative studies. The question I have asked myself then is” why is nobody equipped?”

I have noted down several elements for an answer: the useful side isn‟t always perceivable, there is the fearing of parametric elements and complicated management because it is felt as technical. It isn‟t easy to find such appliances in traditional retailers.

Besides these hindrances, some others spring up in Internet and are completely similar. Invasion of privacy or control of personal data can be mentioned. The big problematic of Internet is to be found again here even more marked because white products are part of the privacy of the individual. Those hindrances force companies to make concessions in order to protect consumers.

This can cause a loss of income because that data represent a real goldmine for companies. Other problems of ethics are concerned with different sorts of technology such as RFID.

As a matter of fact, if not all the actors of the chain get equipped, all the abundance of information following up will be lost.

Therefore we can say that these connected white products will help to improve the living conditions of families. In order to find their audience they have to bring real profit. Once these products will be launched, marketing rules and present systems of developing customer loyalty will be questioned. More and more personalized products will be offered instead of mass promotions."


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